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Report from Bogota, Colombia: First stage almost finished

The first group of young people from SOS Children’s Villages in Colombia is about to finish a job-training course offered by thyssenkrupp Elevator. Project SEED participants and volunteers explain what they enjoy about the program and how it rewards them personally.

Encouraging entrepreneurs

A total of 18 young people from the capital city of Bogota are participating in the first stage of the Project SEED, which finishes at the end of summer 2018. Adriana María Penán Castro, who is 19 years old and studies early childhood education, is one of them. Her dream is to run her very own school one day.

“Ever since I started this course, I’ve learned new things that help me in my everyday life. The course has been really interesting and enjoyable, because every piece of new knowledge has helped me learn things that will be very useful for my future in different ways. One of my favorite ideas, which expanded my horizons in my professional life, has been to create my own company according to the guidelines we’ve been taught, as well as the principles you need to bear in mind if you want to succeed,” Adriana says.

Practical lessons

Joan Sebastián Pérez, also 19 years old, is delighted with the topics addressed by the course: “I think the methodology in the course is great. It has taught me important subjects that are in line with my own goals in life.”

“I’ve learned a lot about administrative topics, such as how to attend to a client’s needs, as well as current topics related to recruitment, types of companies, how to found your own company, and lots of other things, too. The technical aspects of the course cover operational topics, such as different types of energy, personal protection equipment (PPE), collective protection equipment (CPE), and a whole lot more.”

The rewards of volunteering

Karen Pachón, one of the 12 volunteers from thyssenkrupp Elevadores Colombia, enjoys participating in the project. “My experience as a volunteer has been rewarding – both professionally and personally. The program allows us to work on every subject, based on the interests of the participants.”

“Project SEED also allows us to understand the needs of the individual participants, and to tailor an experience for each of them that closely resembles the world of work. Naturally, that includes creating educational exercises that are still a lot of fun!”

First steps on the journey to success

Everything has a beginning, and every beginning has an end. Mateo Correa, Project SEED organizer and volunteer, describes the end of Phase One of this groundbreaking work-training program. “We only have four training sessions left before we wrap up our first course. This will be the first group of young people to complete the workshop.”

What comes next? “When it’s over, we will launch a second training course covering the same topics. The second group of young people is also affiliated with SOS Children’s Villages, but they are based in another neighborhood of Bogota. We are hoping to reach at least 15 more young people in the second course. The participants really benefit from the workshop series,” – and so do the employee volunteers!

Keep up to date on the progress of Project SEED in Colombia and around the world – in PERSPECTIVES.

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As part of our thyssenkrupp Elevator Colombia social work project, we are providing expertise and access to our professional social networks.

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