Children and young people make up approximately 47 % of Colombia's population. SOS Children’s Villages Colombia operates in 10 locations across the country, supportingapproximately 11.500 children, youth and families in need.

"Today, youth unemployment is a global challenge. But children and youth who have grown up in alternative care or in a SOS Children's Village face a much bigger challenge. They haven't had the chance to learn naturally from their parents to get an idea how the working life looks like. These young people need special support.”

Petra Horn, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages

Report from Bogota, Colombia: First stage almost finished


"For me - participating in this project is a huge experience, because I was looking for something, where I could help people in society, for a long time."

André Baso Avancini, Regional Services Manager Latin America

Colombia Planting the seeds of change


Youth at SOS Children’s Villages in Colombia, Brazil and India are expected to benefit from the first phase of Project SEED Supporting underprivileged communities in cities around the world is part of thyssenkrupp Elevator’s vision of making cities the best places to live.

People who care – thyssenkrupp Elevator employees help young people thrive


thyssenkrupp Elevator and SOS Children’s Villages launch “Project SEED” – an initiative to improve youth employability in regions with severe joblessness.

Better job prospects for youth


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