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First class of Project SEED graduates in São Paulo, Brazil – Next stop: jobs

Project SEED is changing the lives of young people in São Paulo, Brazil. It is also touching the hearts and minds of volunteers. The first class of students in this unique job-training initiative is about to graduate and receive their certificates of completion.

The experiment was a success!

Project SEED is a global job-training project – a joint effort of SOS Children’s Villages and thyssenkrupp Elevator. It launched in Brazil in 2018, and 33 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds were chosen to take part in its first training class. Six months later, was it worth it?

Nataly Bruna Gonçalves Ribeiro clearly thinks so: “The course opened my mind to the world of work. Now I know how I should act and present myself during a job interview, as well as the basic rules of professional ethics.”

Learning to learn, and more

Nataly’s classes met twice a week in Lorena, a municipality in the state of São Paulo. Her training consisted of four modules covering areas such as life planning, skills mapping, vocational guidance and more. Courses in mathematics, Portuguese, management, computer science and sustainability helped her and the other students improve and refine their skills.

Project SEED provides young people with the tools they need for job-market success. Program participants gain valuable insight into the world of work along with plenty of tips to start them down the path to successful careers. Nataly and the other graduates are now much better prepared for the future.

Employee volunteers also benefit

A particular highlight of the program was to introduce to the young people the basics of electricity and mechanics, and how these apply to elevators. This allowed the volunteers from thyssenkrupp Elevator to add a personal touch by introducing students to their own field of specific expertise.

Ludgero Luciano da Costa is one of those employee volunteers: “When these young people complete the course, they are certain that they can be successful, and they know that in order to fulfill their dreams, they just need a strong will, discipline, and focus. I feel enriched both personally and professionally. I’ve been able to work even more on my empathy, solidarity, learning, leadership – and modesty!”

What’s next?

For the kids, the next challenge is to apply their knowledge to getting and keeping a job. Their new network of fellow students and mentors will support them in that task. And the second training group is already starting to form.

Project SEED is not a one-off event – it’s a continuing effort that is making a difference in the lives of real people – around the world. Keep up to date on the progress of Project SEED in Brazil and around the world – in PERSPECTIVES.

More about Brazil

Our social work in Brazil consists of initiatives and programs that help combat youth unemployment and create opportunities for local communities.

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