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Winter’s coming – Brazil employees donate warm clothes to the needy

Many people are surprised to learn that the winter in southern Brazil can be quite chilly. But not the people who live there! thyssenkrupp Elevator employees in the region also know that many people can’t afford warm winter clothing. So, they got busy and did something about that.

Brazil can be cold in the winter

The southern region of Brazil has usual winter temperatures that range from 10° C to 19° C. That may not seem severe but on a rainy day in a poorly insulated slum dwelling, 10° C can be pretty cold. And on the coldest days of the year, the temperature may even fall below freezing.

Not everyone can afford warm clothes

More than 50 million Brazilians live below the poverty line. Food handout programs make the difference between life and death for many people. Unemployment is high and even some working families barely have enough money for basic necessities. In such cases, who can afford winter clothes?

Someone needed to help

To help out their needy neighbors, thyssenkrupp Elevator employees throughout Brazil organized a winter clothing drive. The organizers especially solicited sweaters, but any warm clothes were accepted. The clothes were then donated to poor people in the chilly southern region.

Answering the call

Employees from around the country responded, especially those at the plant in Guaíba, the Auxiliadora subsidiary in Porto Alegre, the Novo Hamburgo subsidiary, and the branch office in Curitiba. Together, these employees filled more than 30 boxes with clothing.

Trusting local partners

After sorting the clothes by size, age and gender, the employees delivered the clothes to respected local charities for final distribution. The Guaíba plant chose the nearby charities of the Santa Catarina School and the Ipê Community to receive their donations. Both institutions support socially vulnerable children and young people as well as their families.

Meanwhile the Novo Hamburgo subsidiary made its donation to the Fundação Casa Aberta e Fazenda Senhor Jesus charity while the Curitiba branch donated its boxes to Institute Bertoncello, a shelter that serves underprivileged children.

Community in a sweater

Local employees of thyssenkrupp Elevator in Brazil are showing that everyone has a little something to give. And when combined together, all of the single hours of volunteering and sweaters donated can create a mighty force for good. Caring builds community. In Brazil, it is also generating warmth for those who receive and for those who give.

More about Brazil

Our social work in Brazil consists of initiatives and programs that help combat youth unemployment and create opportunities for local communities.

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